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Tariq Z. Pittman

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Tariq Z. Pittman is the owner and founder of Ascension Institute of Botanicals. In addition, he is co-owner of The Herbal Touch LLC, with his wife Krystal Pittman, located in the Detroit Metro Area, of Michigan. He is a graduate from Alcorn State University, with degrees in Biology, Health Sciences and Physical Education and later went on to Oakland University and the Michigan Institute of Natural Health for his holistic teachings. Tariq's path in herbalism began in 1995 when he started to live holistically instead of living the traditional southern way of his family and friends and when he realized that medical school was antagonistic to his journey in this lifetime. Keyon later became a public school teacher of Science and Health, with 20 years of experience and later taught at The Michigan Institute of Natural Health. From this experience came the idea to create Ascension Institute of Botanicals for those that want to learn the spiritual nature of herbs and healing. Tariq is also a certified Blood Cell Analyst, Master Herbalist, and a practicing Naturopath, for the past few years. Tariq and his wife are currently working on international accreditation through Davinci College of Holistic Medicine. 

Office Hours: 3pm-6pm Monday-Thursday, via text or phone call, Saturday 9am-12pm

Weekly Schedule: 5pm-730pm Wednesdays

Phone: Dr. Pittman 313-655-4770

Email Address:


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Krystal Marie Pittman is the founder and co-owner of The Herbal Touch LLC, located in Pontiac, Michigan. Krystal has a Bachelors of Science Degree in Elementary Education, Mathematics, and Social Studies from Ferris State University and is also a Master Herbalist, Blood Cell Analyst, and practicing Naturopathy which she received from The Michigan Institute of Natural Health and is continuing her education through the Davinici College of Holistic Medicine in Europe. 

Office Hours: Call or Text to schedule an appointment.

Phone: Call or Text 248-716-8500

Email Address:

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